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Rice Ramen

Ramen, seemingly Japanese, originated from China. With Chinese culture and history embedded deep within every strain of noodle, people all over Asia fondle over the noodle, ramen. This beloved noodle is traditionally made from wheat flour. Gluten in wheat flour gives elasticity to the noodles through kneading of the dough. It is precisely this process that gives the elasticity and chewiness we so desire, distinguishing ramen from all other noodles!

Rice, cereal grains that carry the love of our community, a staple among all Asians. What appears to remain as mere grains for rice and congee, Asians saw different and created various kinds of rice noodles. In China, Mee Hoon and Hor Fun; In Vietnam, Pho and Rice Vermicelli; In Thailand, Pad Thai, Sen Mee, Sen Lek and Sen Yai are all various noodles with different texture and sizes all made from rice. Rice carries the fragrance of love, and comfort; an aroma that brings us home, to a loved one who prepares dinner for us, and whom we share a meal with. Rice, an undying sentiment, a culture deep within us.

Bridging the inherent culture and love for Rice and Ramen, we proudly present Rice Ramen.

Rice Ramen, a noodle none like other! It is fat free, additive free and gluten free, smooth and chewy. It encompasses all the healthy attributes of a wholesome product while maintaining the distinct chewiness, smooth texture and elasticity found within a ramen. All the qualities of rice and ramen combined! Or as we like to call it, “The Child of Rice and Ramen!”. May our love and culture pass onto generations and beyond.

Rice Ramen, a new product is born, out of culture and love, crafted for a healthier you!

Live Healthy, Yummy and Happy!

History of Development

2004 – Established

2009 – GMP, HACCP

2010 – ISO22000

2011 – Halal

2012 – BRC

2016 – Gluten Free

2019 – USDA Organic

2020 – Kosher

2021 – Vegan


Mission: Greenature strives to innovate yummy, quality, and healthful noodles for your happiness!


We believe that true happiness comes from good food… and in the long run, good health, to continue enjoying great food!